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I need Christmas gift ideas...

Things for a Madison, who's 3, Roman, who's 2 and Cash who will be 10 months at Christmas time...

Update on my grandma

She underwent surgery to remove the tumor from her breast. They also removed some lymph nodes to see if the cancer had spread. Everything went really well, they got all the tumor out and it has not spread to her lymph nodes. However her type of cancer is at an intermediate risk of returning so she's going to have to undergo chemo, which we'll find out how long she'll have to do that for and how often, etc. next Thursday. She'll also have to go through radiation for 6 weeks, 5 days a week after she finishes her chemo. So good news and not so good news. Atleast they got all of it out just not looking forward to seeing her sick. My grandpa got so bad when he was going through his chemo before he passed away.

Also Cash is now pulling himself up on everything and cruising along. I remember with Roman it seemed like he was walking not too long after he did this so maybe Cash will be walking before too long. My baby is getting too big!

To any blinkie community maintainers

Just wanted to make a post for any blinkie community owners that come check out my journal and let you know why I'm appyling.

I used to be xdalejrdollx, I had many blinkies made for not only myself but after the birth of my son, Roman, for him. In February of this year I had my second son, Cash, and I'd like to have some blinkies made for him.

I hope you all allow me to be a part of your communities. Thanks so much!

Kiddo Time

Just a couple of new pics:

My happy, happy baby Cash

My "Oh my god he's getting too big too fast, baby Roman

Our newest addition to the family, Mojo. Yes, we named our puppy after the chihuahua from Transformers


I really want to go on a diet. Since I had my tubal I've gained quite a bit of weight and it's making me so unhappy. My biggest problems with diets though are I can't stand salads, I just do not like the taste of lettuce. I don't like onions, tomatoes, most veggies for that matter. I'm such a picky eater it's crazy. Plus, alot of diets have you eat a lot of fish, well that's fine, I love fish, but I can't cook it for lunches and dinners as Chuck's allergic.

Any tips or advice?

So fucking pissed!!!

My sister was living with our cousin, at the end of August they got into it over a boy so because I'm such a nice person and she is my sister I told her we would move Cash into our room with us and she could stay at our house for a month or two until she could get her own place. She agreeded and moved in the last week in August.

Things were going ok until we had to start hiding Roman's food I buy to make him breakfasts and lunches because she would eat all of it. Then, she's 21 so she goes out alot, she starts coming home at 1 or 2 in the morning drunk off her ass being as loud as can be. Hello!! I have 2 children, shut the hell up before you wake them up.

Cut to last night, she comes home from work, proceeds to tell Chuck and I that the guy she met this past friday is coming over and their going to watch movies in her room so she's going to be taking our dvd player out of the living room into her room. Didn't ask, just told us. Chuck told her no, we were already planning on watching movies. So she gets pissed about that. Then said guy, who she's known for a whole 3 days comes over, they're in her room until about 1:30 am when she comes out and tells me, again tells me, doesn't ask, that he's going to be staying the night. Um, excuse me? I tell her no, I don't know this guy, she doesn't even know this guy, he's NOT staying in my house overnight. She gets pissed, goes back to her room for about 15 mins. then walks him outside for him to leave. Since then she's not said a single word to me...

Pisses me off, I know she's my sister but damn, don't take advantage of people like that. And now you want to be pissed at me? I don't think so...This is so not working out and now she's talking about maybe being moved out by Janurary 1st...Sorry shissy I love ya but you got to go...
OU loses to Texas by 3 and now Junior's behind the wall...Complete fail of a day!


How come I go to tvguide.com earlier and it tells me that Nascar's Countdown begins at 7, so at 6:55 I turn Roman's show off and turn it to the channel the race is on and we're 12 laps in? What the fuck? Was the race moved up for rain or something?


My parents came to pick Roman up to take him to a pumpkin patch. He was in his car seat in the car and I went to kiss him and tell him bye. I kissed him and said "I love you" and he said "LOVE YOU"!!!!

It's the first time he's ever said love you. I know I'm way too excited by it but awww....My baby told me he loved me!!!!!!!!!