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I miss livejournal circa 2002/2003 =(
Alright, I'm gonna try keeping this more up-to-date. Hope everyone is well. I have some news. I'm going to be having a hysterectomy on the 4th of August. The doctor is taking everything but my ovaries. We decided this was best for me because of my history of cervical dysplasia and the fact that since I've had my tubal done I bleed almost 20-25 days a month. I'm incredibly nervous, more about just how the hell I'm going to take care of a 3 and 1 year old by myself when I'm not supposed to lift over 20 lbs. for like 6 weeks. Just nervous.
Dear psycho bitch aka Nichole (Chuck's Baby Mama),

How do you think that you can bitch out my husband because your daughter, on her own free will, decided that her name for me was going to be Mama Trista and you're not comfortable with that, she doesn't need to call me that, I'm not her mother, etc...Yet your "fiance" joins facebook and you make a point to show that to me and under children he has it listed that Madison is his daughter and makes a point to show on his profile that he's her daddy...Madison will come over for our weekends with us and tell us that Chuck isn't her daddy, her mommy says Jacob (Nichole's "fiance") is her daddy, her mom told her so. How is that right? How is that fair to your daughter. Why are you trying to alienate her from her own father? You're a selfish bitch who uses her child like a pawn in some sick game and it's disgusting and you may be getting away with it as of right now but karma is going to bite you in your ass so hard one of these days and we'll be right here laughing our asses off about it.

The Step-Mother to your daughter who loves and cherishes Madison and who would NEVER treat a child the way you do.

Sorry, I really needed to get that off my chest!

I'm alive I swear it

I apologize to my entire FL, I'm constantly online I just never get on LJ much anymore. Back when I first started an account on here it was so much fun but that was damn near 10 years ago and now it just seems so dead. I do get on and I apologize for not responding to your entries more. I promise to make more of an effort of it.

If you're on facebook and I haven't added you yet let me know your e-mail address so I can. I'm on there so much more. Or you can add me...miss.fetish@yahoo.com

Just a couple of little updates.

I was rushed to the hospital almost 2 weeks ago. First time ever in an ambulance for a trip to the hospital. I felt like I was having a heart attack. It was my gallbladder which was incredibly full of gallstones and starting to become diseased. They made me undergo surgery to have it removed the next day and so far so good =)

Cash is almost a year old, just 11 more days. My god where does the time go? He took his first steps on Christmas Eve and has been walking like a champ since about a week after that. Hell, he's even trying to run now. He's also saying about 8 words. My mama, dada, bubba, papa, nana, no no, & uh-oh. My baby boy is just getting so grown up =( Makes me sad.

Roman is doing great. As is Madison.

We got a new puppy yesterday, she's a german shepard mix. Chuck went and got her from the pound. She's beautiful. We named her Monroe.

Ok, that's all I got for now. I'm going to make a picture post sometime soon just to show off the fam and the new addition. Hope all is well and hope everyone is happy and healthy =)
In less than 2 hours my shissy & I will be leaving to go to the theater to see New Moon...So excited!!!


Have it? Add me...


Calling all cooks!

I know a bunch of you love to cook like myself so I thought it would be fun if you guys would all post your favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, & dessert recipes to share! And if you guys want I'll post my favorites.

Forgot to add about Roman

Roman has been in a state program for alittle over 2 months now called Sooner Start. It just seemed to us that he wasn't up to par in his language development and turns out he is a little slow so he has a speech therapist come in every Tuesday and work with him. We also thought that due to his amount of ear infections something might be up with his hearing so they scheduled him for a hearing test this past Tuesday.

It didn't go so well. The audiologist diagnosed him with a signifigant hearing loss. It took a really high pitched sound turned waaayyy up for him to hear anything. She wants him to be refered to a ear, nose, and throat doctor, probably to get tubes. I'm totally fine with that, I had tubes when I was little. I just hope they get things better for him. She told me that when we're in a room talking just normally, to him it sounds like we're underwater. Makes me sad for my baby boy. So hopefully we get things taken care of pretty soon.

Nov. 5th, 2009

My sister offered to watch the kids last night so that Chuck & I could go to the movies. That was nice of her, even though I was very nervous about leaving the kids alone with her.

So we went & saw Pararnormal Activity. I'm here to tell you that's the first movie I've ever seen that made me jump as much as I did. I actually cried at one point I was so freaked out. It was really, really good! Of course it doesn't help living with Chuck and him being into ghosts the way he is, I admit it wasn't easy for me to fall asleep last night.

It was nice though to get out even for just 2 hours without the kids. That's the first time since July when we went and saw Transformers 2 that we've been without both kids for more than, ya know, like 2 seconds. We really needed it.